Jennette McCurdy Shows Vocal Range With Grown Up Christmas List

Jennette McCurdy decided to show off her vocal skills and has released a new cover song fitting for the holiday time.  The iCarly starlet covered “Grown Up Christmas List” which was originally done by David Foster, then Amy Grant and Kelly Clarkson.

The young 19 year old singer/actress definitely shows her musical range with this acapella rendition of the song.  Dedicating the song to good ol’ Saint Nicholas at the end of the video which you can view below.  The sad, but beautiful song fits the season well and also shares feelings that many adults do feel around this time.  And if Jennette had recorded a holiday album Justin Bieber would certainly have some stiff competition. This is also a good move for Jennette as she has just finalized the track list for her debut album which is scheduled to hit shelves next spring.  While there is no word yet on what style of music will be showcased on the album it is likely her first foray may be in the pop realm as many others have gone before her.

Meanwhile, Nickelodeon will debut “iStill Psycho” on Saturday, Dec. 31st. The special is actually a sequel to last year’s hit, which was titled “iPsycho.” You would expect something fairly big to go down in this follow up New Year’s spectacular, and you’ll get it, too.  What do you think of Jennette’s song?

Jennette McCurdy Sings Grown Up Christmas List

Source News:  Oceanup

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  1. Unicorn12

    December 11, 2011 at 3:01 pm

    Wow…she’s really got it on.(watch out J.B.)

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