CW Pretty Little Liars’ Cast Talk New Year’s Resolutions

Pretty Little Liars‘ stars have a lot to celebrate this upcoming New Year. They have their new season’s second tier kicking of. But before the second half of season 2 kicks off on January 2, they talk about what they want to do this next year. You will find a video of Lucy Hale, Shay Mitchell, Troian Bellisario, and Ashley Benson sharing their New Year’s resolution.

I am pleased to see that they all have big plans. It makes them sound like that their show has not gone to their heads, which is great news. I personally like how each one set their own goals that involve changing for the better in one way or another. I have no doubt that they are capable of doing, just what they want to do. Maybe these will also inspire a few of their fans who are seeking for New Year’s resolutions or at the very least show that everybody should try to better themselves.

How do you feel about their resolutions? Do they inspire you or not? They inspire me and I think that it is a great message for their fans to see. I would love to see more popular stars coming out and sharing their plans for the New Year. It really can give us all some hope to see that even famous people want to better their lives.

article source-The Huffington Post

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