Preview Of The Muppets Christmas Special On CW

Airing tonight on the CW is The Muppets Christmas Special. It is a Muppets Christmas, Letters to Santa on Wednesday on the CW. This special is a re-release first aired on NBC television in 2009.

On Christmas Eve, the Muppets go to the post office in New York City to send their letters to Santa Claus. Gonzo discovers three misplaced letters that were written by Claire, his neighbor. Gonzo decides the Muppets will travel to the North Pole to give Santa the letters themselves. The gang get airline tickets and are stopped by Officer Frank Meany. He is on Santa’s naughty list. When the Muppets arrive at the North Pole, Santa has already left on his rounds. Santa hears the Muppets mourning and comes back. The Muppets give Claire’s letters to Santa and he brings the Muppets home to New York City to spend the holiday with Claire and her mother.

I think the Muppets’s Christmas Special is a cute and entertaining show. The Muppets work their special charm and have Santa eating out of their hands. They help Gonzo’s neighbor, Claire to get the Christmas wish most dear to her heart. The Muppets bring happiness and cheer to anything they do.

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