Reese Witherspoon was called by PETA for Chloe bag. High-end brands take their best handbags and send them out to the most popular actresses. The high-end brands want the actresses to be photographed with the high-end handbags. Reese Witherspoon shouldn’ t have been bearing a $4,000 Chloe Paraty python bag. Python is outlawed in California. The python bags aren’t sold in California and the bag was most likely was sent from Paris or New York.

Although Reese was nominated as the Sexiest Vegetarian by PETA, People for Ethical Treatment of Animals, she was critized for the bearing the python bag. Supposedly the python is skinned alive. PETA said they realized that Reese most likely didn’t know about the python’s treatment or that python skin is outlawed in California.

I don’t particularly think PETA is a good organization. They don’t believe in using animals for food. But I personally have never worn coats, handbags, and shoes made out of exotic animal skins. I think using leather and pigskin products are alright since we eat beef and pork. It is using most of the animal and not wasting usable parts of the animals. I think it is barbaric to raise animals in a closed environment such as a cage or to skin an animal alive.

news info:Hollywood Reporter