Breaking Dawn Uses More Special Effects Than Avatar

Breaking Dawn Part 1‘s director Bill Condon, shares that the movie has more special effects that Avatar. That is right; you eyes have not tricked you! He shared this news at the Twilight panel in California. Here is what he had to say exactly about the movie’s effects. You will also find the whole clip in the video down below.

The big thing is, it’s got more special effects shots than Avatar, Almost every shot is a special effects shot and I’d never done that before so for me it was like going to school on all that stuff and I loved it — especially when we get into this stuff when it’s really subtle, tiny little things that happened with Kristen as she gets sicker and sicker. To watch the way you can use it [special effects] to tell a story, it was a real revelation for me.

It sounds like they wanted to make the movie huge! I cannot wait to see it on the 18th. I am so excited to see what special effects were all used in it. I have no doubt that they did use some amazing ones on it. But it is hard to believe that they used more than they did in Avatar. That seems to be pushing it a bit. However, it could be totally true and we will only know once we finally see the movie open up.

How do you feel about Condon’s thoughts? They are about the same as what they were before. I have no doubt that I used them on that job, but they also stress how important it is to have family out here. However, the movie now does sound a whole lot faster than what I remember it being like.

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  1. Anonmyarse

    November 21, 2011 at 6:37 pm

    Hmm, most every shot in Avatar was an FX or all CG shot, and it runs for 2 and a half hours. Bill Condon’s mouth is full of pork pies.

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