Booboo Stewart of Twilight Stars in New PETA Ad

Booboo Stewart from the Twilight series is starring in a new role as he is in an ad campaign for PETA urging people to ‘Adopt, Not Buy’.

Booboo is shown in the print ad alongside his adopted dog Pookie.  The 17 year old urges people in a behind the scenes video that if people are thinking of getting a new pet that the best way to go is adopt, instead of buying.   In the video he talks about how Pookie became a part of his family and how his wonderful dog Pookie got her name.  Booboo also touches upon the mistreatment of animals in puppy mills and encourages fans to not wear fur.  He  recalls how he rescued Pookie, once abused, from a man who couldn’t care for her anymore. Stewart marvels at her transformation from scared pup to happy and affectionate companion.  You can check out the video below and see all the reasons why Booboo urges you to adopt.

The California native is not the only star who is campaigning for PETA as Kellan Lutz and Christian Serratos for peta2.  Stewart goes on to say how saddened he was when he watched a video of the annual baby seal hunt in Canada with his costar Kellan Lutz.  What do you think of the campaign?

Booboo Stewart PETA Behind the Scenes Video

Source News:  Cambio News

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