Next spring, The Lorax will debut in theaters and cinemas everywhere. This cute Dr. Seuss film will be an animated masterpiece, it will also feature the voices of country mega-star Taylor Swift and former Disney star Zac Efron. We got the trailer for you(check below) to enjoy.

The Lorax tells the story of a young boy(voiced by Zac Efron) who has a little crush on his neighbor(voiced by Taylor Swift). She tells him that she would for the town they live in to grow trees like they did a long time ago and so he makes it his mission to go find trees and plant them for her. And so he goes on an epic journey to find on and he discovers so strange, Seuss-like characters along the way. Its a story of whimsical adventure, much like Wizard of Oz or Alice In Wonderland.

I think I’m going to like this movie! It sound cute, the animation is whimsical, and they have an all-star roster that also happens to include Betty White and Danny DeVito. I think this movie could definitely become one of the biggest hits of 2012- at least that’s what I’m hoping! Check out the trailer and let us know what you think.

Article source from M Magazine