Phineas and Ferb Take On Twilight

Disney Channel’s Phineas and Ferb will be mocking vampires and werewolves. They will be mocking one of today’s biggest movie franchise Twilight, while also picking of those hip vampire shows. Of course, you can count on the traditional humor from the series to spice things up a bit further. Here is the official description for the October 7th episode, which will be their Halloween one.

The kids meet a boy and his father who believe their house is haunted; Doofenshmirtz transforms into a monstrous cow; Candace fears she is turning into a vampire after a bat bites her. Original Air Date: Oct 7, 2011
Guest Cast Michael Douglas Stephen Moyer Anna Paquin Michael J. Fox

Anna Paquin will be voicing Kristen, while Stephen will be Jared. Michael J. Fox will be the handy werewolf with Michael Douglas will be starring in the other half. Pretty exciting for one Disney show to have all these stars lined up. However, this show has a huge following for a reason and it looks like that will be kept up with for a while.

Are you pleased with the series? I am and I love the pop culture references or even mockery of today. It adds a new level of depth within the show. I certainly hope that they have more big plans lined up. I would hate to see them drop this level of excitement off after this bright idea for Halloween. They do have so much talent that needs to be used and used well. Maybe they can do a super special for Thanksgiving and rest of the holiday season?

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