Will A Joe Jonas & Taylor Swift Duet Happen?

Joe Jonas

Joe Jonas is known for his now infamous tweet to break up with country crooner, Taylor Swift. Now we know that Taylor has taken her anger to music, but Joe seems to not have hard feelings about it. He even says that a duet could be possible with those two, since they are on “friendly” terms. Here is what he told Idolator about Taylor.

“I think there’s a great opportunity for [a collaboration] to happen. We’re friendly, we’re not enemies”

Not bad for someone who has taken a lot of grunt for what he did? I suppose that makes him respectable to a degree, but I doubt Taylor feels the same. She does write those songs for a reason and I think she has a right to do that. I just cannot picture her being anything beyond cordial with him and so a duet might be pushing it a bit far. While I won’t say that a duet would not be interesting, I do think that it would not feel right after what went down between the two. Joe could hope for one to prove himself as a better guy, but Taylor seems pretty set in her ways at this point.

Do you hope for a duet with those two? I could see a duet between Taylor and Demi Lovato as a real possibility over Joe. They would make one heck of song together, most likely about Joe. However, I don’t want to crush his dreams so maybe in the future as they both grow older it could happen.

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  1. pandora

    August 27, 2011 at 3:10 am

    Yeh think a duet between some of this ex’s particulary songwriters like Taylor and Demi could be really interesting!!! Seriously doubt if either girl would want anything to do with him again or at least I hope they dont. Love the guy but he does not seem to treat his girlfriends well.

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