YouTube sensation Rebecca Black has made a fan in Katy Perry. During a recent concert, Katy invited Rebecca to join her on stage for a brief acoustic rendition of “Friday”. You can check out the video below.

In the clip, Katy tried to hush the loud audience cheers right before Rebecca stepped out and started singing. Katy then shouted:

“Give it up for the infamous Rebecca Black!!”

Both girls started singing the chorus and then Katy hugged he before she closed the brief performance with this:

“Give it up for Rebecca Black! Thank you so much Rebecca! That was our moment. We love you Rebecca, come on!”

The fans screamed with joy and Rebecca said:

“Thank you for having me. Love you Katy, wooo!”

I think its cool that Katy invited Rebecca for a mini performance and its even cooler that she joined Rebecca in the song. Do you think that this will elevate Rebecca’s stardom? Maybe the two singers will unite for a duet! Its also possible that both girls will develop a friendship and perhaps teach each other a thing or two about success in the music industry. Watch the video clip below and tell us what you think!

News source from Hollywire