Demi Lovato’s Third Album Is Titled “Unbroken”

Demi Lovato officially announced the name of her third album on Twitter today! The title is Unbroken and it will be available for purchase on September 20.

Are you as excited as we are for her upcoming album? Demi Lovato is ecstatic and she has a lot to say about it! Here is what she recently shared with AOL Music in a recent interview:

I’ve been working with [producer and songwriter] Toby Gad and with a couple named Dan [Pringle] and Leah [Haywood], they’re with Dreamlab Productions. They’re amazing — we’ve done some really great stuff together. I worked with Ryan Tedder the other day, from OneRepublic. And Tim [James] and Antonina [Armato] from Rock Mafia. So I’ve worked with some really incredible people and I’m really excited for the other people that I’m going to get to work with soon.

Unbroken is a big deal for Demi as its got some heartfelt songs like “Skyscraper” and features the work of big name stars. She is extremely talented and she knows where she wants to go in her music career. She’s not afraid to take risks when it comes to building her career and I do believe that she’s got a bright future ahead.

Article source from Cambio


  1. DerekG

    I personally can’t wait. She has such an incredible voice. I’m a guy and I really like the way she sings. Also seeing who she’s been working with I think it’s going to come out amazing. I have a deep feeling that this album is going to win her a lot of awards. However I know she is doin this for the fans wh

  2. DerekG

    Oops I pressed enter by accident lol. Well what I was saying that it’s great that she is doing this for her fans. You can tell she has a serious connection with them.

  3. jasmin

    i can’t wait for her album to come out ! stay strong demi .

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