Demi Lovato To Celebrate Birthday At Kim Kardashian’s Wedding

Demi Lovato as Sonny

Demi Lovato is a close friend to Kim Kardashain, and that is something that neither hide. But she is now planning to spend her own birthday at her good friend’s wedding. You can hear all about her big birthday plans from the mini interview at the awards. You will find that video at the bottom of this post.

Demi seems to be content with this plan. However, as anyone who follows her Twitter knows, she is extremely close to Kim and her sisters. So to her that is not a bad way to spend your birthday. It sounds like she will hold a party of her own either earlier on that week or on the following one. 19 is a big deal, and even more so after what she went through last year. However, it is interesting that she wants to keep that a secret, but you also cannot blame her.

I cannot wait to see what Demi will wear at Kim’s wedding! While she cannot outshine the bride, I am sure she will not disappoint the fashion world with her outfit. She has good taste and has yet to upset the fashion world for the most part. However, the real question is also what will she wear to her actual birthday party? So many big choices for her to make, let us hope some she can keep up her good track record for outfits for these next 2 events.

article source-Disney InfoNet

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  1. Delta

    August 20, 2011 at 3:23 am

    Good luck on 20th august demi many best wishes u rock

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