Amazon Follows Sony’s Price Cut With Price Cuts On Select PS3 Games

Sony recently dropped the price of the PlayStation 3, a move that has been welcomed by many gamers. And now Amazon has slashed the prices of a large selection of PS3 games. They have chosen a wild selection of genres, so something for everyone is on sale within certain group that they chose. Amazon has not made it clear on how long the sale will last, but does allow fans to maximize their savings for gaming.

Over the past 2 years, we have seen game consoles have their prices cut, but none of the games have. It is nice to see that at least Amazon has realized that in order to boost sales you need to lower prices for the games as well. Stores like Wal-Mart and Bets Buy typically do have a regular selection of lower priced games, but most stores do not. As far as we know, Amazon has only lowered the prices of PS3 games.

I personally think that they should offer a wider selection of titles. While I would not call it a shabby selection, I wouldn’t call it large either. It just seems that they do not have as a wide as a selection that they should offer. Still, it was the thought that counts and I am sure that many people were pleased with the selection. Let us hope that Amazon has started a trend.

article source-Joystiq

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