Breakups are hard for everyone, especially young adolescents who are just discovering relationships. But the good news is that Greyson Chance feels your pain and that’s why his latest song “Unfriend You” sends a positive message that breaking up is not the end of the world.

His super cool video, which stars Victorious actress Ariana Grande, starts with Greyson visiting his microblog page. As he goes through a few pictures of his ex-girlfriend, its pretty obvious that he’s upset. He then walks over to her house and sees that she’s standing out in her yard with her new boyfriend. She notices that he’s watching from a distance and she makes in clear in her face expression that she wants him to go away. He then gets a text message from a friend inviting him over to a party. Greyson heads over to his friend’s house and starts to party with his friends. He has a good time and he even meets a new girl. He then gets an idea and encourages his friends to go over to his ex-girlfriend’s house and throw toilet paper at the exterior. Upon hearing the commotion, she comes back outside with her boyfriend and watches as Greyson throws a roll of paper at her feet. The video then goes back to the heartbroken Greyson looking through a yearbook and drawing a big X mark on his former girlfriend’s picture. He closes the book and looks pleased with himself. .

Greyson and Ariana portrayed their characters in the video perfectly, and overall I think the video was extremely entertaining. You can check out the entire video below.

Info source from Cambio