Miley Cyrus Gets Surprised By Fan On Stage

Miley Cyrus is loved by thousands in American, but also around the world. Yet being famous does have its down sides as she is becoming to realize so quickly. In fact, she recently dealt with an obsessed fan in Australia. You can see the video of whole event happening and she how Miley reacted.

Miley who was singing her hit song “The Climb” has a surprise of a lifetime when a fan snuck up behind her on stage. She was of course scared by it, but she was lucky enough to have a bodyguard near by who came to her rescue. Even after the fan is taken off stage, Miley seemed upset by the unwelcome surprise.

I got admit that had to be frightful. I don’t know how she was able to carry on and keep singing. I will say that she is one heck of a performer for that. That has got to take nerves of steel to be able to do that. I just hope that they will beef up her security now, I am sure she would not want to deal with that again. I know that I wouldn’t, but then again Miley is her own person. I would love to hear her thoughts about this, maybe in a future interview she will be asked about it.

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