Disney & Pixar’s Teaser for Planes

If you liked Toy Story, A Bugs Life and Cars, you will most likely enjoy the new Disney Pixar film, Planes. You will find the first teaser at the bottom of this post.

In the spring of 2013, Disney Pixar is releasing a new film, “Planes.” that will be much like their success Cars franchise. The preview says that in spite of modern planes with thrust, stealth technology, and auto ground collision avoidance systems, all planes need is 680 horsepower, all the courage in the world, and a single propeller.

In my opinion, Disney is getting away from the magic of its films. These older films appealed to boys and girls as well as adults. These movies were beautifully made with winning stories. Now Disney is leaving all that and making movies that appeal to mostly little boys. Why can’t Disney make more movies that appeal to little girls also? There are lots of subjects besides Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty. Why not make movies about real people who made a difference in the world? There was David Livingstone who explored Africa. There was Thomas Dooley who was a jungle doctor. There was Clara Barton who organized the Red Cross. There was Florence Nightingale who founded modern nursing. Children need to learn of those who lived before them so they can get a sense of history.

article source-Disney InfoNet

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