Danny Pundi and Alison Brie From “Community” Do PSA For DoSomething.org

NBC’s show Community is all about doing good, which most people don’t have much time for that. However, they want to help change that just like DoSomething.org wishes to change. Which is exactly why those 2 have teamed up for a small project together.

Danny Pudi and Alison Brie of the TV show Community are working with DoSomething.org for a 11 Day Summer Service Scavenger Hunt . It is to help bring communities back together to work and help each other. Their main focus appears to be that of the younger generations who haven’t had the chance to get involved with volunteer work yet.

I am glad that Danny and Alison want to help influence younger kids to get more involved in their communities. However, I am not sure how a scavenger hunt will help with that. Granted it is more of a PSA than anything, but I do wonder how proactive this PSA will be in their goal? I personally think that PSAs don’t really do much to help the cause they are designed for. I suppose they must do something or else they would not keep making new PSAs. I just think that they could come up with with a better marketing scheme.

Here is the PSA-

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