Jenna Rose the new Rebecca Black?

It looks like there is a new YouTube singing sensation.  Jenna Rose released her song “My Jeans” on YouTube and the video has already received close to 7 million views and she is being heralded as the new Rebecca Black.

And now that Jenna has your attention she is taking full advantage of her unexpected fame.  Not only is Jenna continuing to record new music but she will even be tackling a live performance at the end of May.  Jenna is not afraid to show she has some powerful singing chops even without autotune, as is evident in her latest balled ‘Don’t Give Up’.  She is also following in the footsteps of such stars like Justin Bieber and Katy Perry by encouraging young people to follow their dreams despite opposition.  Unlike Rebecca Black who has received lots of negative reviews, but there seems to be no haters against Jenna and her goals right now.

Jenna decided to show off her powerhouse voice in Popstar! offices with a rendition of ‘Mama Who Bore Me’, a song that has been made famous my Glee’s Lea Michele in the Broadway hit Spring Awakening.  Below you can check out Jenna Rose and a live performance of ‘My Jeans’.  What do you think of Jenna Rose?

Jenna Rose

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  1. PK9

    April 27, 2011 at 3:54 pm

    “there seems to be no haters against Jenna and her goals right now.”

    “My Jeans” has 144,000 ratings with 93% of them being dislikes. Typical comments are “this is even worse than Friday”. Jenna Rose has said that she received the same “go cut yourself and die” comments that Rebecca Black did. The response to “OMG” has been overwhelmingly negative because of the way she dances provocatively in that video.

    I assume you only looked at the “Don’t Give Up” video, which has been more positively received, although it still only has about a 60% positive rating. But trust me, she has PLENTY of haters.


    May 2, 2011 at 7:50 am

    In all fairness, Jenna Rose has been unfairly judged by illiterate unstable people on the internet..Jenna is 12 years old and has to be respected as an artist. I too was questioning the change from little girl in My jeans which was cute and adorable and the big change over to OMG.But OMG is a great song with great vocals. If any big names like Christina, Katy or Britney had covered that song, and not Jenna the public would love it, Jenna Rose sang it and danced it like the big names. People are afraid of that. I admit the video is over the top, but im thinking they bullied her in My Jeans and now they wont let her get away with OMG. They are comparing her with Rebecca Black, there is no comparison, She CAN sing, and keeps demonstrating that by upping her game. You want a comparison , compare her to the big names because that is where she is. I have never seen a 12 year old as versatile , stylish or talented as her..Her voice has range and maturity, America needs to grow up and get over your own insecurities and rally for her, not against her..She is going to shine and I can’t wait for her next song, My 2 daughters and 1 son love her and sing and dance to her songs all day.

  3. marisol rodriguez

    May 2, 2011 at 12:41 pm

    Jenna Rose is the bomb..We love her ;;;;
    All the haters are jealous, They say she is ugly, no talentThey wish they looked like her//I wish i had her hair and shape..
    I love her clothes..
    I want to be Jenna Rose
    She Beautiful and love My Jeans and OMG
    Stop Hatin on this girl for real…
    Im sick of it.
    I aint playin

  4. gail berman

    May 2, 2011 at 8:22 pm

    Heres my thoughts, shes extremely autotuned in the jeans song. I went and researched her and found Oh Darlin…Shes AMAZING….I also found Mama that bore me and Don’t give up..She has a beautiful voice and I can’t believe she’s only 13. I then found The Wizards and National Anthem and I think she could give Christina Aguilera a run for her money. i changed my mind about her and think she has tons of potential and is on her way to a very lucrative career. Im a definite fan of Miss Rose and hope to hear more of her songs.

  5. A Person

    May 15, 2011 at 6:00 pm

    I hate JR and dearest Marisol I am not jealous. I hate that girl. She’s a snobby brat with too much money. I hopes she burns in hell

  6. Lucas

    May 21, 2011 at 7:51 am

    You say you are not jealous , yet you talk about her being rich, snobby etc. How do you know these things if you never met her.. I was in a play with her , and she is very talented, had to audition to be cast, professional and was kind and friendly to everyone. She definitely is not snobby, she was humble and fun to be around. She hasn’t done theater in a while, and I miss her. I hope she keeps following her dreams,she has worked very hard for it.

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