Robert Pattinson Presents Award at ACM While Being Considered For Akira

It’s vampire versus superheroes as Twilight: Breaking Dawn gets ready to end. Okay, it’s not really that dramatic, but it does sound like one heck of a book or movie, doesn’t it?

Cambio brings word that Pattinson is being considered for a role in the movie adaptation of the Manga comic book series, Akira. Unfortunately, RPattz isn’t just having the role handed it to him because Spider-Man’s Andrew Garfield and X-Men: First Class’ James McAvoy are also being considered for the part.

The role that’s up for grabs? Tetsuo, a man taken by the government for medical experiments. His friend, Kaneda, is a leader of a biker gang that tries to rescue him. Too bad the experiments have already done their job. Chris Pine, Justin Timberlake and Joaquin Phoenix are being considered for the role of Kaneda.

In addition to keeping his fingers crossed for Akira and getting ready for his role in Cosmopolis, Pattinson will also be teaming up with his Water for Elephants co-star, Reese Witherspoon, as presenters at the Academy of Country Music Awards on April 3rd.

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