Ashton Kutcher wants Justin Bieber for Punk’d

It’s been a few years since Ashton Kutcher went around playing practical jokes on other celebrities and he feels that it’s time to put the MTV show, Punk’d, back in action, although he won’t be hosting the show this time around, according to Cambio.

The rumors about bringing Punk’d back have been floating around for a few months but they’ve had some weight added to them recently. While talking with Jay Leno on Tuesday’s The Tonight Show, Ashton said, “I really can’t talk about it because everything’s sort of in process. It’s a possibility that it could be happening. I will not be hosting the show in the future. People were afraid I was going to punk them wherever I went and I’m starting to get invited to stuff again and it’s actually a good thing. I’ll be involved in some capacity if we do it and there could be a new host but I can’t say a whole lot.”

Why singing sensation Justin Bieber for the new version of the show? Ashton explains, “He’s a nice kid and he’s a funny kid – and people don’t know he’s a funny kid yet… and he’s sneaky. And I like sneaky people.”

Punk’d ran from 2003 to 2007, becoming a big hit as viewers tuned in to watch Kutcher play practical jokes on unsuspecting celebrities and there’s no doubt it would it would be a success again if Ashton follows through with bringing the show back through his Katalyst Entertainment production company, but would the Biebster actually be the ideal host?

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  1. Valeri Pouch

    January 30, 2011 at 6:58 pm

    guys that hate justin bieber=jealous they dont look that good. girls that hate him= just mad that he’s not their bf|dixiedazzleH|guys that hate justin bieber=jealous they dont look that good. girls that hate him= just mad that he’s not their bf

  2. Ms. Neco

    March 7, 2011 at 7:17 pm

    This would so cool if they brought Punk’d back on the air. So ironic bcus I’m team mom for my daughter’s middle school dance team here in Atlanta, GA and we just Thouroughly PUNK’D her dance team coaches. A flyer was passed on to us by one of the coaches about a Dance Showcase event. So we decided to go, only to end up on a scavenger hunt. After checking three diffrent schools in the area we found out the flyer was for Mar 2010! When the coaches asked the girls how it went..they proceeded to tell them that they were dissed by another dance team at the showcase & they ended up in a fight. The thing is we capped our story off with us being the ones who were escorted off the school premise. I backed this story up with an email to the coaches. Of course, the coaches were so shocked. They were saying things like, “We can’t beleive they jumped our baby’s” and We’re gonna find out who they were and if we gotta go up to their school, we will”! I had to put a stop to the prank because they were about to go to the principle of our school and start a full blown investigation. I finally got a hold of the coaches at the end of the school day and revealed to them that they had “Been Punk’d”. We all had a blast and they were good sports about it. I’m now trying to get Punk’d Tshirts made for the Coaches. Send me info I can order some. Thanks! Shout out to Ashton!

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