Will Ferrell Discusses Justin Bieber On Jimmy Kimmel Live!

On his recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! , comedian/actor Will Ferrell discussed his encounter with Justin Bieber, or as Ferrell likes to call him “J. Biebs,” whom he met at the premiere of his new film Megamind on October 30 at Mann’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood. The animated comedy will open on Friday November 5 in the U.S.

Ferrell discussed what it was like to be in Justin’s world:

“He’s very popular as I found out doing the red carpet,” the comedian said. “There’s a throng of photographers, and there’s a ruckus and every camera goes to Justin Bieber. They go from ‘Will’ to screaming Justin at the top of their lungs. I’m just standing there, and I’m like, ‘I’m actually in the movie.'”

Justin said he had a great time meeting Ferrell, and even went on to call him “the man” in a new post on his Twitter account. Check out this funny clip of Ferrell discussing his new bud, J. Biebs, on Kimmel’s show.

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