Hello Kitty takes over Boardwalk Place

Monopoly the board game has been adding some interesting themes to their game.  The newest addition is the special collector’s edition Hello Kitty.  Enter Hello Kitty’s world in her hometown of London as you buy, sell, and trade locations such as the Bakery,  Music Theatre, the School Library, the Playground and many more.  Fans will enjoy the six collectible tokens featuring many favorite Hello Kitty items like her classic bow, apples, lunch box, milk bottle, fish bowl and teddy bear.

While Monopoly is not one of my favorite games, I would be willing to try out the Hello Kitty version as it would bring a certain bit of fun and playfulness that sometimes seems to be missing from the game.  As a fan of board games Hello Kitty has also been featured in the Yahtzee board game and would be a perfect gift set when paired together.  I’m personally excited that board games have made a come back as they were my favorite to play.

Hello Kitty is the popular fictional Japanese character, produced and marketed by Sanrio designed first by Yuko Shimizu.  The character is part of the kawaii aspect of Japanese culture which is the  embodiment of cuteness or adorableness.  Accepted widely as one of the desired attitudes in Japan.  Hello Kitty’s influence has been wide spread and is not only for young girls but for all ages and sexes.

Hello Kitty Monopoly

Hello Kitty Shop

Star Wars – Hello Kitty costume

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