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We’ve Found Despicable Me Plush Toys For You!

Despicable Me hit theaters last weekend, and those Minions are too cute!  Apparently lots of other people thought so, too, because now there is a line of Despicable Me plush toys so you can get your Minion fix any time, any where.  The toys are available at, and come in a variety of sizes.  You can also get a 12 inch Unicorn or an 18 inch Agnes.

Despicable Me features the voice talents of Miranda Cosgrove and Steve Carrell.  The story centers aroung Gru, master of the Minions, who wants to steal the moon.  Meanwhile, three orphan girls led by Margo (Miranda Cosgrove) decide Gru will make the perfect dad.  It’s the first major film produced by Illumination Entertainment, so that probably explains why you haven’t seen a giant Despicable Me marketing push at all the local toy stores.  It’s kind of refreshing, actually.  Sometimes I get tired of aisle after aisle taken up by whatever toy the latest kid’s movie is pushing.  You can bet that not every kid will have their own minion!


  1. agness#1fan!

    HAY! wheres the unicorn?!?! thats my fav and its NOT HERE!! uuhhhhhhhh

  2. IT’S SO FLUFFY! That’s great and that little girl is the cutest ever. I am reading that there may be a part two. Despicable Me was the movie of the summer, with a fresh new plot. Love the Despicable Me Toys.

  3. its so fluffy i think im gonna die …lol to cute

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