Summer Fancy Food Show – 2010 – Quick Thoughts

We attended our first NASFT Summer Fancy Food Show in the Javits Center this year and while we have a whole bunch of reviews that will focus on the products for children. 

I do not know if it is the increased outdoor activity but my kids snack a whole lot more in the summertime.  That made attending the Summer Fancy Food Show such a great trip as I would be able to look for new snacks among other things.  With all this extra snacking I want to make sure that the kids are getting something healthy, and although my kids do not have food allergies several of their friends do so I like to have a stash of gluten free, dairy free, nut free snacks for sharing on play dates. 

That was one of our main goals for BSCkids attending, and luckily there was a great selection of snacks at the show that fit into what I was looking for.  I got to sample many of these snacks and thought they were good, but what would the kids think of them?  Who wnats to buy stuff that the kids end up not eating?  After we got too full to be able to taste samples we brought some home for the boys to taste.  What we will do is allow them to taste one or two things after dinner and then hopefully do a quick write up on the product.

So stay tuned for a bunch of short taste reviews on some healthy snacking from BSCkids!

About Jocelin Cap

Mother of three. That does not include the dog or my husband either! We have a full household of fun and we just love trying new products of all varieties. May not watch as many kids shows as the rest of the family though.

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